When a little sheep gets a clever idea for a joke, everyone has a good laugh!

 Welcome to the world of a friendly flock of sheep as they play a game of rhymes.


Autumn Mott Calvert


Autumn is a writer, photographer, and musician. She lives in Huntsville, Alabama, with her husband, son, and 2 dogs.

You can find her work at

David circle

David Hayward


David Hayward, aka “nakedpastor”, is a cartoonist, artist, writer, and online community facilitator. He lives New Brunswick, Canada.

You can find his work at

About “bad sheep” with author Autumn Mott Calvert

  • My daughter hates reading

    My 6 year old daughter hates reading. Dyslexia makes it hard for her. It wasn’t until she read “bad sheep” that I saw her excited about reading! She reads it 3-5 times a day, and even took it to school to read to her teacher! 

  • Two Times a Night

    My son made me promise to read this book to him 2 times before bed every night! 

    Mother of 5 year old
  • Hilarious

    Both of my children think this book is hilarious! They ask me to read it all of the time! 

    Mother of 7 and 5 year old
  • How do you feel?

    My children have used the “How do you feel” chart to describe themselves. One is always confused and the other is always cool.. We LOVE this book! 

    Mother of 8 and 5 year old
  • She has read it over and over!

    My daughter has read this book over and over, and plans to read it to her first grade class tomorrow!


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